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general info

Evolving since 2009 and focused on small and medium businesses; Veratech replaces the need for hiring IT staff. We provide a full complement of services from consulting through implementation to support, maintenance and administration. Our services are a cost effect, high performance approach to supporting your IT needs; less expensive that hiring a dedicated IT person and faster than your standard out-sourced service - we manage your IT so you can focus on your business   

company goal - our higher purpose

To provide excellent customer service in the information technology industry through:

  • Hiring people who are aligned with our core values

  • Providing a great place to work

core values
  1. Pursue learning & embrace change

  2. Honesty – to oneself and to others

  3. Urgency without shortcuts

  4. Amity  and respect for co-workers and customers

  5. Understand -> think -> act (in that order)

  6. Open communication (internal & external)

  7. Responsibility (take responsibility, be responsible)

  8. Discipline 

  9. Enjoy the work -> make fun out of the mundane

  10. Do more with less

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